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Magento software was developed in 2008 in order to provide new ways to increase user engagement, seamless navigation, improvement of revenue rates a better overall revenue generation for store owners.


It has the business user tools that enhance the user experience of the software. Magento has the ability of appealing new customers. It does this by delivering them a shopping experience that is completely satisfactory.


Magento E-commerce Development has covered a vast market since the time it has begun. E-commerce is the main reason behind the success of various businesses all over the world. E-commerce makes your visibility over the internet world. Magento is a tool for e-commerce development.


Type of Industry Using Magento technology

E-commerce includes transactions of buying or selling goods and services online. E-commerce has grown widely in the past few years, since the inception of online shopping services. E-commerce is extremely helpful for such industries.

Travel & Tourism

Every minute of the day, prospective travelers are out there planning for their next trip. For an industry that works 24x7, it is important that the customers have something they can quickly go on to. For this, the business requires either a very responsive website or a user-friendly smartphone application. Sometimes the businesses require both. The travel companies require something the customers can check any time of the day. Whether your travel company is large and established, or just starting out, it requires being noticed by the maximum number of travelers to do that level of business. We can do that for you by offering the best Magento e-commerce development.


The Banking sector has unique requirements when it comes to the website or mobile development because a lot of their clients operate their accounts online on a daily basis. Having a website and a smartphone application is good for the business. But the business also requires a good Magento development for smooth transactions online for the customers. Using your bank account through a smartphone application or a website allows you to manage your account with just a few clicks. To meet this unique requirement of the banks, it is essential to offer them that kind of options for the kind of transactions they do.


Pharmacy is one more industry that is required to work 24/7. For an industry like that, it is very important to offer services over the internet. To be able to offer those services, it is extremely important for these pharmacies to have a website and a smartphone application. It is easy to order medicines using websites, but it is much easier to do that using a smartphone application. But for this, the business will require Magento e-commerce development. This will allow the customers to be able to order medicines anytime they want. Our limitless solutions offer you several options and allow you to choose the best that suits your business and its ideology.


Since the time different businesses have started offering their products and services online, even the grocery market has gone into e-commerce. A lot of grocery shops have started having their own websites and smartphone applications. They have started accepting orders from their customers online. This way the customers get the products that they want to be delivered at their place. So the customers can order things while sitting in the comfort of their homes. A third party's platform can also be used. Magento can be easily customized to follow the company’s brand and provide unique features.


Along with grocery stores, even the bookstores and libraries have started offering their products online. Libraries and bookstores didn’t have either websites or smartphone applications earlier, but now they have both and also sell their products using those platforms. It includes everything, right from paperbacks to hardcovers to magazines and e-books as well. This has, in turn, helped the bookstores and libraries expand their business in a big way by using Magento.


Personal interaction is not enough. These days, the audience makes purchases of DVDs, magazines, and books in abundance. For this kind of transactions, the entertainment industry will need Magento e-commerce development. Magento e-commerce development for the entertainment industry has different requirements, and it is crucial to understand those unique requirements.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage industry is rapidly growing and to just have a website and a smartphone application for that business is just not enough. It is also very important to sell their products online, that is, by delivering that food and beverages. Food delivery has been a very common thing, for a long time, but ordering it online is different and has only started very recently with the help of Magento.

Furniture and fittings

Furniture and fittings are the most recent addition to the list of industries selling their products online. Recently, a lot of furniture businesses have gone online in order to sell their furniture and delivering them to the customers. The customers can just sit at home and check out the furniture either on the website or the company’s smartphone application and place an order for the furniture they like, while just sitting at home.

Technology we workTechnical expertiseConsultancy

Our experienced team of Magento developers can create apps for each form factor and device that you may be interested in. We understand the inner specifics of each one’s hardware. We also make sure a flawless performance of the e-commerce website is provided by testing it against all devices. It has to be both functional and easy to use at the same time.

Magento customization services for an established business or a new one. Having an e-commerce store is not enough, but your online store should be able to generate conversion too.We at Enkrishiv make sure that your users get the best web experience while they using your website. We do this by giving your online store a neat and professional look.

Magento Responsive. We at Enkrishiv offer Responsive Magento development to help you serve your mobile users better. In order for you for business to continuously flourish and grow, you will need to convert your website into Magento Responsive, and we can help you with that. Our experts design responsive e-shops which are compatible with computing and mobile devices.

Data migration is one of the most key features of successful online store migration. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of Magento developers that can help you with data migration, which is done using advanced technologies. We take a complete back-up of an existing e-commerce website for the safety of the data.

Magento Store Marketing is a wide concept, it does not just consist one basic marketing strategy. Magento Store Marketing includes several aspects of marketing like Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing etc. Store Marketing plays an invincible role in building a brand’s image. We at Enkrishiv completely understand the requirements for building that brand image.

Our Creative Magento e-Commerce Development Process

  • 1


    Research & Fieldwork

    The basis of any project is the research behind it. With every different industry, we create a product that is unique, thus we need thorough research related to that particular industry. Our developers are focused on doing the best research before developing a website.

  • 2


    Creating a Strategy

    The next step is to create a strategy to get the project in motion. This strategy will indicate how the developers are going to follow the path from research to the final presentation of the product when it is completed.

  • 3


    Design & Development

    This is the stage where the actual work begins and the product can be seen coming out as real. Developing a website according to a client’s requirements and tailoring it accordingly is the key here. We have a team of focused and highly-driven developers that will amaze you with their development skills.

  • 4


    Deploying the product

    Here come the test and launch of the final product. We thoroughly test your applications. We then take feedback on any issues that are present. The faults are then addressed. Once this is done, we get your websites ready for release.

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